Grand Canyon – A Wonder not to miss

The Grand Canyon is one of the most spectacular sights in the world and simply you have to see to believe. It’s located in Arizona, about 1500m deep and carved out by the Colorado River. There are several ways how to access the Grand Canyon and different experiences from each side. If you’re staying in Las Vegas it’s a great opportunity to explore the Grand Canyon on a day trip by bus or helicopter from the West Rim. The drive from Las Vegas is about 3 hours and once you enter the Indian Territory you will have to switch to a public shuttle bus who will bring you to each of the viewpoints (for groups we are able to charter private bus tours within Indian territory as well). One of the viewpoints on the West Rim  is the Skywalk – which is a glass-bottom bridge – that you can walk over 4,000 feet above the Canyon. Good opportunity to conquer your fear of heights! 🙂 There are several helicopter tours from Las Vegas, one of our favorites is a tour where you land in a private area of the Grand Canyon – not accessible otherwise. There you will enjoy a picnic lunch and glass of champagne and have time to take in the amazing views on the Canyon. You can easily combine this tour with a rafting experience on the Colorado River as well. The West Rim is really a glimpse of the Grand Canyon.


However, if you would like to really explore this natural wonder  you should focus on the South Rim. Start your trip from Flagstaff with a 1hr 30min drive to the entrance. There are several accommodation options on this side in the park, but they are usually sold out months in advance. So it’s important to plan ahead! You will have endless ways to explore the park to your liking. My favorite is to go on a hike (e.g. South Kaibab Trail) and starting at the top and gradually hike down the Canyon towards the Colorado River. Be aware that it will get very hot and dry (not only in the summer), so bring enough water and snacks. You most likely won’t be able to make it down to the Colorado River in one day, but you will be rewarded with incredible views about every step of the way. If you don’t want to go by foot, there are horseback riding or bicycle tours that also offer a way of truly experiencing the park. Spend another day rafting the Colorado River or visiting the Geology Museum. No matter what activity you choose you will be amazed by the transformation of colors from sunrise to sunset.


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