Los Angeles – A Day across town

At sunrise it’s time to put your hiking shoes on and get fresh air in your lungs. We’re going for a scenic walk to the Hollywood Sign. What a way to start your day! Getting your workout in, enjoying the warm sunshine and getting rewarded with and unforgettable 360 degree views of Los Angeles. Everyone can take a picture from the Hollywood Sign in the distance, but only a few have the picture from standing behind the letters!

After this 2 hour hike we are freshening up in the hotel and going for brunch in West Hollywood. Here you can go with a traditional American breakfast or blend in LA Style with a kale smoothie. After breakfast we check out the latest art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The entrance alone is a piece of architectural art.

After our visual senses are satisfied we are now hungry for some sushi. There are too many outstanding restaurants to name that we can choose from in LA, but we’re going for an authentic experience to Little Tokyo. The district has everything from shopping to churches, Buddhist temples, cultural attractions and restaurants. After lunch it’s time for some shopping in the most famous shopping area of all: Beverly Hills. You have to take a walk on Pretty Woman’s footsteps when you stroll along Rodeo Drive. Now it’s time to put your feet in the sand...we’re heading to Santa Monica! Here it’s time to relax in the soft warm sand at the beach with a cocktail on a rooftop terrace or for a more adventurous approach try a surf or stand up paddle board lesson. If you still have energy we can drive up the coast on Highway 1 towards Malibu and stop at Nobu for a delicious dinner with breathtaking sunset views.
This was just a tiny glimpse of what you can experience (if you have the energy) in one day in Los Angeles. In L.A., every neighborhood sets a different scene, so you have to decide what mood you’re in: trendy, laid back, retro or hip. The best part: no matter what you choose to do you will always experience sunshine and palm trees in the City of Angeles.

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